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Published 12.01.2022 by Mouse Seats

Welcome to the Mouse Seats family! Here at Mouse Seats we strive to be the best Disney Dining reservation finder.

Quick Start

  • Confirm your email address if you haven't already.
  • If you have a Plus membership you have the option of sending SMS text notifications to up to five phone numbers. Add these numbers before creating your alerts. To set up these phone numbers, select “Manage Phone Numbers.”
  • If you have a free membership, select “Create New Alert”. Both of these links can be found in the main menu on the left side of your screen.(or in the hamburger menu on mobile)

To create a new Disney Dining alert:

After clicking on "Create New Alert" you will be presented with the following screen

Setting a Disney Dining Alert
  • Theme park: A drop down to filter by Disneyland or Disney World.
  • Restaurant: A drop down menu to select the Disney restaurant you would like a reservation for. You can type in this field to search.
  • Date: The date you would like to search based on.
  • Schedule: This will display the operating hours of the restaurant based on the date you selected.
  • Meal: Disney requires you to seach for reservations based on a "Meal Period" which depending on the restaurant can be Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner.
  • Time Range: Select your desired reservation time range by moving each end of the slider. If you do not update this time range, you might receive a large number of notifications for many different times within the range.

    Note: For best results limit your time range to one hour, or only within times you want a reservation. If you have a free membership, this is especially important to remember because your alerts will not auto-renew. Therefore, you will need to manually renew the alert each time you are notified of an opening.

    According to research at hospitals, where health care workers face a constant barrage of alerts, an endless blare of warning signals can cause people to overlook important cues. In the context of Mouse Seats, it is less important, but if you are constantly getting texts about reservation times you don't want, you may miss the reservation you really want!

  • Party size: The number of people attending your reservation with you.
  • Phone Numbers: If you have a free membership, make sure to select “Send Email.” If you have a paid membership, select the phone numbers you would like to receive reservation opening notifications (send email is optional).
  • Notes: A place to keep notes about your reservation that will appear on the texts and emails you receive.

Once you have input your search parameters hit "Set Alert" button and Mouse Seats will automagically notify you when it becomes available!