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If only traveling were as easy as hopping on your magic carpet and zipping to your destination in a flash… But alas, planning a Disney adventure, especially with the little ones, takes time and loads of advance bookings. And if you’re considering dining at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, chances are you could use a helping hand. That’s where Mouse Seats comes in, providing an affordable and reliable service to find Disney dining reservations.

Mouse Seats saves you time and frustration: no more scouring and refreshing the Disney websites to find reservations; no more constant calling and checking in to find out if any tables have opened up.

Now you can get notifications straight to your phone whenever there’s an opening at your favorite Disney dining restaurant.

Mouse Seats takes the pressure off and offers another way to make the Disney experience with your family all the more magical.

What do you get when you sign up for Mouse Seats?

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You’ll get a PING every time a table opens up! That’s right. Whenever a table that matches your dining date, time and party size opens up, you’ll receive an alert. Get all the Mouse Seats perks at a very affordable price.

  • Start your FREE 3-day trial

  • $5.99/month after that

  • Unlimited notifications

  • No cancelation fee

You can also try the Mouse Seats Free Plan with email alerts and six custom alerts. Prices you can’t beat, for when you want a Disney dining seat!

How Does It Work?

Mouse Seats is a quick and hassle-free way to get hard-to-find or last minute Disney dining reservations. Once you input the necessary information, you’ll receive SMS text message alerts or email notifications whenever reservations become available.

Just let Mouse Seats know when you want to dine, how many people you’ll be dining with and any details that can help get you your Disney dream reservation.


Plus - Monthly

$ 5.99
  • 3 Day Free Trial
  • Email Alerts
  • Unlimited custom alerts
  • Text message alerts to 5 numbers
  • Auto Renewing Alerts


$ Free
  • Email Alerts
  • 6 custom alerts